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​CORE Rehabilitation offers complimentary health screenings to our local community. Our screening process takes approximately 30 minutes and will consist of an assessment by our physical therapist as well as an opportunity for you to ask any physical therapy questions. Afterwards, we will review the results and provide you with a written copy of any findings you may need to discuss with your physician.  


We offer several types of screens to better fit your needs and concerns.


Want a general assessment for your overall health?  This screen includes vitals (heart rate, oxygen levels, and blood pressure), general strength, flexibility, and endurance.


Feeling unsteady? Recent falls? Are you now having to rely on your cane or walker more frequently? If you answered yes , this is the screen for you! We will provide a detailed balance assessment to determine your fall risk and discuss strategies for improvement.


Have nagging pain that you keep putting off? Think it will eventually go away on its own but it hasn't yet? Let us help! We can assess those aches and pains to determine the cause and discuss solutions to resolve the issue.


Starting a new workout program? Worried about your child starting a new sport? We offer sports and fitness screens to address the problem before it becomes a problem. Our goal is to offer suggestions on strength and mobility to decrease risk for injury. 

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