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The ins and outs of knee pain...

Ever noticed knee pain when going up stairs? Or maybe it is painful to get out of your favorite chair?

One in four people experience some form of knee pain on a regular basis. While there can be many reasons knee pain occurs ranging from meniscus tears to osteoarthritis to ligament damage, the knee joint is a relatively simple joint. In fact, most injuries to the knee joint occur because of problems above or below the knee.

Try this... next time you go up a step or stand from a seated position, watch your knees. Most people tend to let their knees cave in like the picture demonstrates. This "caving in," or valgus movement, adds excessive stress to the knee joint and overtime will irritate the cartilage and ligaments that support the knee.

So why does this happen?

More often than not, the hip is to blame. The hip muscles are responsible for controlling the thigh bone. If the hips are weak (which most of us have weak hips), the thigh bone rotates inward causing a faulty alignment at the knee joint.

What can you do to decrease your knee pain and keep your knee joints healthy?

When you stand from a chair, think "knees out." This will help your hips, knees, and ankles stay in a relatively straight line as you stand. It will take time to retrain your brain.

If you find that your hips are too weak to stand without letting your knees cave in, stop by our office for a complimentary exercise program that will help get your hips stronger.

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